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Attack Your Fat

With the summer coming to an end and autumn approaching, people often fall back into the routine of work, school, and kids and maybe exercise if there is time to spare. Then the holidays hit, thanksgiving and Christmas, where people give thanks to the food Gods and eat more than they should. By new years people are plump, the weather is cold, and the body is ready for hibernation. Sound familiar? Rather than getting out of shape this fall and winter season, why not kick off the new season by getting in the best shape of your life. You can do this by following our new fat loss system we call “The Revolution Kettlebell Fat Loss Program,” a revolutionary (pardon the pun) program that will transform the way you use kettlebells, your diet and your lifestyle.



This is Carmen Morales who lost over 30 pounds on the Revolution Kettlebell Fat Loss Program.

The foundation of the program is based on high energy circuits. With the combination of kettlebells and body weight exercises, these circuits lead to quick fat loss and a rapid increase in full body conditioning. We have successfully used these circuits with our clients in our training studio in La Jolla, California. People that perform the circuits while simultaneously following our nutrition and lifestyle principles have had tremendous results. The reason this program works is based on several principles, 5 of which will be highlighted in this article. If these principles are applied consistently what follows is a body that is lean, fit and healthy. Let’s look at the principles.

Principle #1: Full Body Circuits

A full body circuit is a group of exercises done consecutively without rest. For example, performing a set of squats, followed by cleans, swings, presses, push ups and jumping jacks is a circuit. In our training facility in La Jolla we typically prescribe circuits with a minimum of three exercises and a maximum of 10 exercises. Doing circuits instead of stationary training (performing one exercise at a time) is a much superior way to train if fat loss is the goal. You end up burning a lot more calories in a shorter period of time which means faster results. Circuits are also a great way to improve full body conditioning and endurance which leads to greater stamina in people’s daily lives outside of the gym. Here is a list of some of the benefits Revolution circuit training offers:


Benefits of Circuit Training
“Revolution Style”


  • Increases Strength Endurance
  • Trains Multiple motor abilities at once
  • More time efficient
  • Burns more calories is a short period of time – More fat Loss
  • Short Intense Circuits increase Growth Hormone
  • Builds real life Function, power and speed
  • Builds mental toughness
  • They are FUN! Great solution for boredom in typical gym workouts

Principle #2: Perform Big Multi-Joint Movements

Losing “BIG TIME” body fat requires you perform “BIG TIME” movements. Multi joint movements, sometimes called compound movements, are exercises that involve many joints working simultaneously. For example, a Squat involves movement at the hip, knee and ankle plus some motion in the spine and shoulder girdle. A bicep curl involves movement predominantly at the elbow joint. From a time economy standpoint, multi joint exercises are more efficient. If you could take a trip from San Diego to Denver, Colorado, what would be the quickest and most direct way to get there? How about driving to Seattle, next Miami and then Denver? Of course not. Getting in a plane and traveling in a straight line would be the answer. But that what is some people do in their attempts to lose body fat. They spend so much time doing isolation exercises that it takes them so much longer to get to their destination. They might get there eventually, but not like the person who performs big multi joint movements from the get go. So why waste your time? Get busy performing those big multi joint exercises and say goodbye to your body fat.

Principle #3: Train Movements, Not muscles!

This principle is a natural progression out of principle number two. When you perform multi joint movements you are really focusing on movement, not muscles. Focusing on training movement rather than exercising individual muscles ensures that you are getting the most involvement from all muscles groups. If you can get to the point in your training when you stop thinking of “muscles” and starting thinking about “movements” you will have taken a monumental step in revolutionizing your training results. Ultimately, training movements allows you to truly understand how “connected” your body is. The more integrated your body is the more “Linked” your body will become. When we teach people this important principle it is amazing to see the immediate improvements in strength, coordination and function they experience. If you can learn to apply this principle and treat your training as practice while improving the “skill” of your movements, you will achieve a higher level of conditioning and fat loss.

Principle #4: Eat Real Food!

We live in an era where we know more about technology, science, health and the universe than in any other time in history. With all the advancements we have made it is troubling to see how “backwards” we have gone in regards to nutrition. As a society we are more obese than ever and more diseased than ever. Why? Because we eat processed food that our bodies cannot assimilate nor use to rebuild health. The solution is to return to a whole foods diet. What is a whole foods diet? It is a diet that consists of eating real food, real apples, real fruits, real vegetables, real meats, real grains, real oils, real fats, real, real, real! Many of our clients are astonished to discover how much fake and processed foods they had been eating prior to working with us at our Revolution Fitness Studio. Here are some of the benefits of eating Whole Foods:


Benefits of Eating a Whole Foods Diet


  • Natural weight loss due to the lower calorie content in whole foods
  • Higher energy levels and more focused thinking due to less toxins
  • Better digestion and elimination due to increased fiber content of natural foods
  • Less cravings for processed foods and artificial sugar
  • Better sleep quality and response to intense exercise

Principle #5: Eat Frequently and Eat Balanced

Eating frequently has been shown to increase metabolic rate which leads to faster fat loss. One of the most common mistakes we see people make is the failure to eat frequently. Many people do not even eat breakfast, which is big mistake. When you fail to eat breakfast you are programming your body to have a slower metabolism and to catobolize its’ own muscle tissue. We have met so many people who have tried to lose weight on their own erroneously concluding that if they just starve themselves they will lose weight. Well as many of you who are reading this article can attest to, this doesn’t happen. You may lose weight initially but low calorie diets are doomed to failure for several reasons. One, when you resume eating a normal diet you regain all the weight you lost and often more. Two, most people can only be deprived of tasty foods they enjoy for so long before they go on a massive binge session at Krispy Cream donuts.

On the contrary, we have witnesses hundreds people over the years lose body fat and attain there ideal weight by eating frequently. Eating every 2 to 3 hours is the ticket if you want to attain your ideal body. Now when we talk about eating balanced we are talking about eating protein, fat and carbohydrate at each meal and snack. This way of eating has several benefits. First, it stabilizes your blood sugar levels by keeping insulin levels down to a healthy level. One of the reasons why type 2 diabetes is prevalent today is because people eat foods that produce too much insulin. If you produce too much insulin long enough your body’s cells literally begin to resist insulin which in medical terms is called “insulin resistance.” If your cells resist insulin your body has one option, and that is to store energy in fat cells instead of muscle cells. If your muscle cells were accepting insulin you wouldn’t store as much body fat.

Therefore by making sure there is adequate amounts of protein, fat along with some carbohydrate at each meal your insulin levels will naturally lower. Lower insulin levels mean less fat storage. Keep you insulin levels low for an extended period of time and you will get you leaner, we GUARANTEE it.


In Conclusion, to attack your fat you must apply the five principles discussed in this article. A body that is built on high energy full body circuits and wholesome real foods is a body that will look great, feel great and function great. We challenge you and encourage you to set your goals high and apply these principles. For more information on fat Loss circuits and fat burning nutrition, check out our Book and DVD series “The Revolution Kettlebell Fat Loss Program.” The book outlines an entire 12 week program of routines as well as a complete nutrition program. The DVD is a follow along version and coaches you through more the three different levels of high energy fat loss routines.


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