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Kettlebell Inc. Testimonials and Feedback


I have heard fantastic things about Ader kettlebells. I was under the impression my options were either DragonDoor, or cheap sporting goods stores. I am so happy my research into quality kettlebells brought me here, and now I can’t wait until mine actually arrives!

Guy Emerson

Hi Lisa,

I just wanted to let you know that I received and love my new Ader kettelbell! It’s much heavier than I thought it would be, yet doable. I love the thickness of the handle and the length of the handle. It feels very comfortable in the rack position. My other kb was not comfortable.

Thanks again for your advice and when I’m ready for the 26lbs, I’m definitely ordering another Ader!


You and your company are developing a very good reputation around our area. I’ve already told multiple people in my gym who asked where I got mine to go to your site to order the Ader bells (and quite a few asked me).



Just a quick note to let you know the KB’s arrived today and I am very pleased with them. First, I was blown away by the speed of shipping. My first Dragon Door KB took a good 10 days to arrive, the Lifelines took a full 2 wks. Yours got here in a day and yet your shipping fee is in the same ballpark as the other 2 companies.

The Ader KB’s feel great in my hand–genuinely smooth handles are a relief I could not have imagined before working with unsmooth ones. I am very glad I got the premier–thanks again for all your help–the handle circumference is just right. I especially like the way they lay on my arm in the rack. I don’t have to cheat my hand toward the outside of my shoulder to make it comfortable, which would have taken its toll on my shoulder eventually. I also see what you mean about the wide base.

Now its only a matter of time and building strength (and of course getting 2 matching Aders) before I can start working on renegade rows. That’s what I love about KB’s, nothing’s undo-able, it’s aiways just a matter of time. Your customer service is superlative, shipping, incredibly fast. Extremely happy with transaction and merchandise in every respect.

Diane Eagle


I hope training’s going well. I’ve been pretty busy and haven’t been able to visit the forum/post my work-outs lately, but I’ve still been managing to lift once a week and recently pulled a 600×4 deadlift pr (I’ve been working some barbell hack lifts off the floor for starting strength, and maintaining hip strength with sumo pulls and some kb stuff). Anyways, I just wanted to thank you for a great kettlebell; I really like the balance and finish of the 106 lb’er I got from you back in December. Of the 4 kb brands I own, it’s definitely the nicest. I’ve been promoting your bells to everyone who asks me about kettlebells.

Take care,
Jeff Steinberg


Thank you for your quick response and the awesome e-zine. I appreciate it very much. I’ve been into kettlebells now for a little over a year, and have gotten several of my squadron members ‘hooked’ on it as well. There were several people that had different sets that we all shared. But with deployments, etc. it was hard to keep sharing. I decided to go with your bells based on the great reviews on As soon as I get my account “approved” on I will add my review to the growing list of kettlebellinc fans. Again, I thank you for your prompt service and interest in your customers. It’s refreshing to see caring people in a business that’s oversaturated with capitalists.

Best Wishes,


My thoughts are that is great! Power Systems sells a 55 lb bell for 69.95, however I feel more comfortable with you and feel the quality of your site is better, more informative. So I have no problem paying a reasonably higher price for what I perceive as better quality, a resource that has more info such as your site, and feel connected to more of an ongoing relationship. Your training info and news magazine has me feeling like I can grow in my training with you. As I progress up to higher bells, get my wife involved after her back injury heals I have a good resource for her equipment as well.

I think your pricing is fair and I look forward to ordering my bell as soon as I can.



Thanks for such OUTSTANDING service. I really appreciate the quick turnaround and I will recommend your website and products to all who listen. Best regards and thanks for the help.


“Lisa & crew,

Wow, thanks so much for this ebook and videos. I didnt even know this was included when I ordered the bell from KettlebellInc, but I’ll be recommending your websites to other friends. I love it! “NoFearFitness”: “no fear” is EXACTLY what the world needs right now, we are in the grip of some kind of mass hypnosis that imagines everyone is threatening us. NO– if you feel strong inside you don’t feel OR think like that.”


“My wife and I recently received the 12kg Ader kettlebell we ordered from Kettlebell Inc. The quality of the kettlebell is outstanding and Kettlebell Inc. provided fantastic service and quick shipping. I have two 28kg kettlebells also made by Ader and I absolutely can’t recommend Ader kettlebells highly enough. The handles are smooth, well shaped and comfortable and the finish is durable and flawless.

I also have two Dragon Door kettlebells and the Ader kettlebells are really interchangeable with them as far as their shape and quality. My Ader kettlebells stand proudly beside my Dragon Door kettlebells. It is really nice to have options as a consumer and my wife and I could not be happier with the kettlebells we have received from Kettlebell Inc. For the price, a truly outstanding value.

Lisa provided us with personal help in our selection of the correct size kettlebell. The e-book that Lisa provided along with the kettlebell my wife ordered has been extremely helpful to her as she is new to using kettlebells. The pictures and descriptions of the basic movements are very easy to follow. As of now she is perfecting her swing. One step at a time. It has been truly a pleasure to do business with Kettlebell Inc. Consider us very satisfied customers.”
-Eric Larsen

Hi Lisa,

Thank you for the prompt reply and for giving me a refund. That’s just great customer service. I will definitely go with Kettlebell Inc again when I’m ready to try kettlebells again. Enjoy the weekend.


“Awesome bell, great quality! Fast shipping. Will use again.”

“Fantastic product. Best KB’s for smaller weights! My girlfriend loves it! Thicker and wider handles are nice! Thanks!”

“LOVE IT!! Hard to find item that was reasonably priced/high quality! Fast ship.”

“Amazingly fast shipping- superior quality kettlebell! Highly recommend seller!!”

“Ader bells are the best. I’ve tried others, but I love these. Fast shipping too!”

“Seller went out her way to help me out thanks a bunch. Thanks Lisa, enjoying every pound!”

“OUTSTANDING! 1st day shipping. Great transaction! Will be back for more. Smooth transaction, quick communication, gave tracking numbers.”



eBay Feedback on Ader Kettlebells:

“Excellent service from Kettlebell Inc. Ader kettlebells are top notch!”

“Kettlebell is GREAT. High quality. Great price. Fast shipping. A+++++++”

“Awesome, thank you. Best deal ever on Kettlebells..”

“sweet finish on the kettlebell, very smooth surface, well done, 2 day delivery”

“Quality and communication first rate. My 1st chioce for Kettlebells!”

“The price is right, the bell is solid and the shipping was insanely fast! A++++”

“Quality kettlebell, Superb service, Reasonable prices. Cannot be beat!”

“Excellent kettlebell! Top quality.”


“your kettelbells rock,and the best deal out there!…thanks”

“Economical, competitive quality to DD KBs… will buy from again!!! A+”