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Kettlebell Safety Guidelines

Be aware of your surroundings.  Don’t train too close to people, pets, or objects. Don’t use kettlebells on a surface you don’t want damaged.  There is always a possibilty you could drop it. If a kettlebell starts to fall and you lose control, get out of the way.  Trying to recover a rep gone bad could lead to injury.  Push


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Kettlebell FAQs

Q. What type of people use kettlebells? A. People from all walks of life use kettlebells. From office workers and housewives to firefighters and military, people of all types use kettlebells to increase their level of fitness, lose fat, get a physical edge in athletics or physically demanding professions, get stronger, or just feel physically better in general. You can


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About Us

Kettlebell Inc. is focused on the following mission: Supply quality, affordable kettlebells and fitness equipment to the fitness community with an emphasis on customer satisfaction and customer service. Promote awareness and education of kettlebells amongst the mainstream fitness public as a valuable and legitimate fitness tool. We are based in Dallas, TX and are a major supplier of Ader brand


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Contact Us

Thank you for your business and interest in Kettlebell Inc. We are interested in your opinions and feedback. If you would like to send feedback to our staff or have to contact us for any reason, please send us an email at the following address: We look forward to hearing from you! — The Kettlebell Inc. Staff

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Attack Your Fat

With the summer coming to an end and autumn approaching, people often fall back into the routine of work, school, and kids and maybe exercise if there is time to spare. Then the holidays hit, thanksgiving and Christmas, where people give thanks to the food Gods and eat more than they should. By new years people are plump, the weather


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